Improvement & Progress! Yeah!

So, it's been way, way too long since I last wrote. The journey of getting back into things has been a hard one. So many "mini-skills" that I took for granted when I was last playing diligently (and for such a long period of time at that) were completely lost! I discovered that every facet of playing, whether it's during your own practice session in the comfort of your living room, or you're playing in an orchestra, or even in the middle of a lesson, takes different skill sets all of their own. Sure there's a little bit of overlap. After all, you are playing the same instrument and most likely playing the same music (for the most part)... but boy, there's a big difference in what is required of you in each circumstance!

Often times, I just had to be happy with mediocrity... if you can call it that. Why? Because your fingers, or your brain or some thing else, just won't do what you tell it to do!!!!! Often, I have found it beneficial to take a break and do something different when I hit these walls. And by, has this been a frequent occurrence... especially in the very beginning!

But after 9 months of diligent practice, I am finally beginning to see significant progress and am finally just starting to feel comfortable playing my instrument.   I can remember back in "the day" when I was playing diligently, I used to think of my viola as an appendage... that's how comfortable I was with it.  It seemed like just another part of my body.  But starting up again, my viola often felt like it wanted to jump out of my hands, or like it could easily fall from them even with it clasped under my chin.  But lately, I've had glimpses of that feeling of familiarity.

It feels really good to reach this milestone.  Exciting!

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