The Art of Pad Holding

Yes, there really is an art to pad holding.

It is important not to think that when it is your turn to hold the pads for your partner, that this is your moment to tune-out.

It's time to change your attitude and realize that as a pad holder, you are getting just as much out of the drill, if not more, as your self-defense practicising partner.

Your are creating the attack or fight sceniro--and for the sake of realism, you need to be equally if not more involved.

*You need a clear understanding of the fight scenerio, if not more...

*Adjust, fine tune, how you hold the pads by what your self-defense partner is doing, revealing through out the exercise. It's your responsibility to evolve the exercise.

*Start with a close verticle hand, palm-side down. With a wave-like motion, resembeling a wing-chun pak sau, present pad for SDS.

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